Huvikumpu valloittaa maailmaa!

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This is a story of a tiny world where everything is possible.

I am 32 years old Finnish woman living in Helsinki. Since childhood I’ve been interested in crafts but my dollhouse hobby didn’t start until four years ago. At first I created few ”practice doll houses” after which, about three years ago, I got an idea of Pippi Longstocking’s house, Villa Lillekulla (Huvikumpu in Finnish). Then I began to seek for an old cabinet to match this idea – it was very important that the cabinet’s dimensions would work as 1:12 scale dollhouse.
When I had finally found a suitable cabinet I started to look for a handmade Pippi doll to live in the house. I spent quite some time googling until on image search I bumped into Pippi and Mr. Nilsson, made by Rose Lacefield a.k.a. B.B. Flockling. And that was love at first sight! I really loved what I saw and immediately started to dream about Rose’s creations. I emailed Rose my ideas and waited for her reply, excited. Fortunately Rose got my message and agreed taking on the commission. Mildly put, I was thrilled about her answer! I was left waiting for Pippi’s completion and in the meantime prepared her house, little by little. My dad created the window holes, inner walls and the staircases between floors.

Eventually Rose informed that Pippi was ready to go on her adventure over the Atlantic, all the way from Montesano, Washington USA to Helsinki, Finland. I can’t find the words to describe the day when Pippi arrived at our home; she looked so perfect and I couldn’t have been happier!
Pippi inspired me to create a colorful dollhouse and new ideas just kept on coming. Her house has six rooms in three floors plus a basement so there was a lot of work, and still is. I bought ready made dollhouse furniture but modified almost all of them to fit Pippi’s style, by painting and overlaying with fabrics. I already had some thoughts on what kind of dollhouse I’d create, but not until Pippi’s arrival colors and materials would confirm. Actually, Pippi told me what kind of home she’d like :)
When the house started to get ready, room by room, I began dreaming about getting more inhabitants since it’s a big house, you know. Therefore I turned to Rose again. Not too long after, on a sunny spring day Pippi’s hairy friend Mr. Nilsson knocked on our door. This was Rose’s gift to me and I will never forget it. Some time passed when I encouraged myself to ask Rose for two more dolls; Pippi’s dear friends Annika & Tommy. Now I’m a proud owner of one tiny family! These dolls have brought me so much joy and unforgettable moments and I can’t praise Rose too much as an artist! It is so incredible how she has the ability to breathe life into these tiny creations.

I find it funny how a grown up woman throws herself in the realm of imagination and plays like a child. I’ve also dragged my close family in this little world; my beloved husband, my dad, my mom and even my mother-in-law are fully involved. My mom and mother-in-law are making clothes for the dolls and at the moment my dad is building a miniature sled for winter games. My husband takes all the great photos on my blog. I’m so lucky to have a playful, childminded family! I’m also very grateful for the friendship of Rose and I. It is so wonderful to realise that soulmates can be found across the world. We have never met (yet) but still I feel we understand each other perfectly.

Besides the dollhouse hobby I enjoy paper crafts, which are also documented on my blog at I’m a florist by profession so I also enjoy being creative at the daily job.

I feel that Rose and I have understood and adapted Pippi’s character, and taken example of her lively nature – like how it’s good to live in the moment without worrying in vain. And not taking life too seriously but remember to have fun from time to time and know that in the imaginary world everything is possible. Which concludes to my motto: Remember you’re never too old to play! I hope I can spread this ideology and joy to everyone, because all this has given me so much. Inspirational New Year to all Pretty Toys’ readers!

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